Matt English is an independent business commentator, public speaker and strategist based in Melbourne, Australia.

His business career has spanned some 34 years as a Partner with PwC and IBM, and he has lived, worked and travelled extensively in Asia, Europe and Australia.

Over this time, his career has embraced three main areas:

  • strategy consulting focusing particularly on business model change
  • development and dissemination of thought leadership material for the C-suite
  • shaping and delivery of executive level education.

He has specialised in consulting with major clients in the areas of organization change, especially around the re-shaping of business models. Over the years, he has been involved extensively in the retail industry, and more recently with clients in government and professional services.

Matt has been involved extensively in the development, publication and presentation of innovative thought leadership covering various topics for senior executives across Asia Pacific.  In particular, he has been directly involved in the development and deployment of five major global CEO studies, and has travelled widely for the presentation and rollout of those studies.

Matt is active on social media, and sees social media as being a major vehicle for transformation of  business and customer relationships.

He has a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia and a Master of Business Administration from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.


Email mailto:matt.english1@gmail.com

Twitter http://twitter.com/mee007

LinkedIn http://au.linkedin.com/in/menglish1

Blog https://englishviewblog.wordpress.com



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  1. Joseph

    I love the title of your blog!!!!!!!!!!! Look forward to learning and reading more.

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